After several weeks of deliberation, I’ve come to the unfortunate decision to not post to this blog (indefinitely). 

As much as I enjoyed running this blog, keeping up with fun. news and interacting with fellow fun. fans, I am exhausted by the prospect of continuing to update fun-usa. I must say thank you to everyone who has followed and been supportive.

The followers of fun-usa have grown much more than I could have anticipated, and it’s difficult to handle the time required to run such a largely-followed blog that needs to stay up-to-date with fun.

fun. has become more and more popular and busy, and that has also contributed to my decision to stop posting. 

The band’s events and news have become too numerous, and I feel that it is cheating fun-usa’s followers and myself if I don’t make quality and timely posts. In addition, the fanbase has grown extremely large, resulting in an out-of-control, overwhelming and repetitive “fun. tag,” and the hostility of some fans (towards other fans and even band members) has become frustratingly disheartening.

I want to thank you all again for following, and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to start posting to fun-usa again.

I’ve never mentioned my personal blog, but I’ll give it out to those who inquire (as long as it doesn’t become an overwhelming amount). But as forewarning, my personal blog doesn’t contain many fun. posts, and I post too much about Doctor Who and Arctic Monkeys (who would have thought… heh).


Much love,


Until I can manage the time in my own life

and withstand the fun. fandom,

this blog is on a hiatus of sorts, hopefully not for long.

In the meantime, please follow fuckyeah for all your fun.-related needs.